Our goal is to keep your website copy fresh, simple, relevant, original, and constant.

Unlike conventional writing for print advertising, website copy ensures the content of your site can be indexed and ranked by automated robot programs…better known as search engines. The most popular search engines are Google & Bing. What exactly does this mean for you? You want your website content (text, images & video) to be found! It must be formatted so search engines clearly understand what you’re trying to say. Obviously, this is a highly competitive service. We’ve listed the most common questions we receive regarding website copywriting:

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How Can I Become #1 on Google Search?

Every business wants to be #1 on Google for (insert product or service here). Bulldog Webs’ highly qualified team of copywriters & search engine optimization developers offer your website the professional attention and experience it deserves. We understand that website copywriting is a delicate dance between reaching your target demographic and getting visitors to take action once they land on your website. In web development, action is called conversion. Conversions on your website include purchasing products, filling-out forms, sending emails and placing phone calls. Our ultimate goal is for consumers to find your website by typing in searchable terms through Google, Yahoo, Bing (and any of the hundreds of the other hybrid search engines) …and converting them into clients & customers for you.

What is Website Copywriting and Search Engine Optimization?

Suppose you are an internet user looking for information. You type a word or phrase into a search engine. Bulldog Webs optimizes your company’s website content; this is also called Search Engine Optimization (or SEO). Every effort should be made by your web development team to ensure the written content on your website not only comes up first in a search – – but that it provides insight to your corporate culture. Effective copywriting is an opportunity to communicate to your potential customers one-on-one. Your website should be an extension of your brick-and-mortar operations. It should answer any questions a potential customer might have about your company, services, and products without sounding too technical. Save the geek-speak for the downloadable technical documents, videos and/or tutorials. Our copywriting team will create a dynamic, readable and authentic online presence for your business.

Why Do People Come To My Website and Leave?

On average, website visitors will spend only a few seconds scanning a page for key words or terms. When they find the word(s) they are looking for, these visitors will typically read the associated paragraph. If they find what they are looking for in the paragraph or two they read – and the content does not include a lot of hyperbole or crazy claims – you have just taken a huge step toward gaining their trust. Website content should never sound like a used car sales pitch.

What Does Website Copywritng & SEO Cost?

Our search engine optimization (SEO) and website copywriting services are 100% custom-tailored for each of our clients. Bulldog Webs does not automate its writing process; we will not simply add long-tail keywords to your existing text. While many of our competitors use automated software to generate content, we do not. We never will. Our experienced copywriters take time to perform a comprehensive market analysis and keyword density testing for you. We gather analytic data from your website visitors. We tailor a solution that is unique to your company, products and services. Even if your company is in a highly competitive market, we promise to make you stand out! We can edit a single blog post and add custom SEO for as little as $50.

Can a Company Guarantee Me the #1 Spot on Google?

It’s important for you to understand that no company can guarantee placement in the search engines. Anyone who guarantees you placement, or guarantees you rankings in Google, Yahoo or Bing, is lying. We work closely with our clients everyday to gain a competitive advantage over-time. Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing and SEO are not silver bullets, but we know what combinations work!

Our copywriters will always work hard for your website – our goal is to keep fresh, simple, relevant, original, and constant content online. Expert, custom copywriting will always give your business superior leverage!

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