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Blogging: What It Is & Why Your Business Needs It

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Blog services in GeorgiaTravel blogs, food blogs, fashion blogs, fitness blogs, and lifestyle blogs… there are blogs for every hobby and business industry. But, what exactly is blogging and why does your business need to do it?

Blogs are essentially online journals that are updated according to the needs of the individual or business. (It’s what you’re reading right now!) There are several key components to a great blog: an attractive headline that draws readers in, a fascinating story to retain their attention, images or graphics that tie into your message, and the ability to optimize your content for sharing and conversions. Your blog post’s headline is the first thing readers will see when visiting your blog and ultimately determines if they read it or not. Steer clear of vague headlines that aren’t specific to the topic you’re discussing in your blog and keep it short!

Think about it this way… from the list below, which are you more likely to click on?

1. Several Ways to Optimize Your Website
2. 5 Things I Wish I Knew About Website Optimization When I Started My Website Development Business 10 Years Ago on Web Press
3. 5 Ways to Optimize Your Website

Option #3 takes the cake… it’s not too vague, gives enough information without being too long of a headline, and gives the reader an overview of what they’ll get out of reading the blog post.

Your headline captures your audience, but your blog post content keeps them engaged. There are a million ways to write great content, but we find that the best way to captivate your audience is to make your content personal and keep it simple. You could do this by starting your blog post with a personal story that relates to your content. Keep your blog post fun and keep your terms simple (or if you can’t, include a short explanation of the term). After all, it’s going to take more than facts to keep your audience’s attention!

Now that we’ve established what a blog is and a few basic concepts to help your understanding, why does your business need a blog? There are hundreds of ways you can use your blog as a powerful business tool, but we’re going to start with these:

Your blog puts you ahead of your competition and establishes you as an industry expert. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of companies that do exactly what you do. However, no two businesses are the same. So, how are you going to set yourself apart? Your blog will help you to define your business, services, and experience in your industry. Such a simple tool… all you have to do is utilize it!

Blogs help you to easily share information with a vast amount of people. You can share your post to not only your website, but to all of your clients, social media accounts, and marketing platforms. *Tip!* If you include vlogs (video blogs) in your posts, you can hit video marketing platforms like YouTube also.

Blogging is a fantastic way to get keyword-rich content in search engines! Businesses should take every opportunity they can to improve their search engine optimization (SEO). Search engines reward businesses for producing fresh content and utilizing relevant keywords to satisfy the needs of online searchers.

By now, we’ve learned all of the blogging basics, but maybe you’re thinking, “Bulldog Team, I just don’t have time for blogging and I don’t even like writing…” If that’s the case, then you’re in luck! We would love to take it off your to-do list. That’s right, we’re launching our blog service that includes creating your business blog and keeping it updated for you! We can take your ideas and turn them into personalized statements to target your audience across the board and boost your SEO. Contact us to get started, we are always happy to help!


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