What is Vlogging?

Video blogging, or “vlogging” for short, is a type of blog where someone videos themselves talking about a certain topic. This is awesome for your business because it helps people to “put a face with a name.” It also builds trust within your clientele and community because they can get to know you as the business owner. Everyone can benefit from vlogs, whether you’re an attorney answering frequently asked legal questions, a chef talking about a featured dish, an entrepreneur conducting a product demonstration, or a handyman marketing one of your services.

Vlogging Basics

Vlogs are generally short in length, 3-5 minutes max, and focus on one topic per video. This gives you the opportunity to show what you know while retaining the attention of your viewers. After you are done shooting your vlog, be sure to transcribe your video into a blog post. Doing so will grab keywords that you can use to deep-link to other areas of your website and will contribute to SEO. Just like a regular blog post, frequency is key! Find a consistent pace to vlog so your viewers know when to expect a new video. Last, but certainly not least, be sure to end your vlog with a call-to-action to encourage viewer participation. This could be asking your viewers to comment with questions, call your office, email you, follow you on social media, or all of the above! Make sure they feel inspired to act on what you’re wanting them to do!

Things to Consider

  • Go into your vlog with a goal! Just like any good marketing strategy, you cannot expect great results without pre-planned goals. What do you want your vlog to accomplish? Do you want to boost sales? Capture new leads? Promote brand awareness? Make sure to take your goals into consideration and create content to support them.
  • Choose the right video hosting platform. Bulldog Internet Marketing (and our clients) prefer YouTube. Why? It’s user-friendly and here to stay!
  • Want to edit your videos? There’s sure to be pieces of your video you’d like to cut out and the right software can help you to do just that. We also recommend using captions and graphics to dress up your videos!
  • Share share share! Be sure to post your new vlogs on your website, all of your social media platforms and in your newsletter.

A little overwhelmed? No problem. Contact us and we can help you get started!