Email newsletter campaigns can benefit any company within any industry. Keep your clients up to date with your company’s growth, offer a coupon for your upcoming sale, announce a special event you’re hosting, or educate on a service you offer. The possibilities are endless with email newsletters because they can be customized to your business’s needs.

Committing to a newsletter is a big deal and can give your business a boost. However, most businesses don’t have the time or resources to send out frequent newsletters. No worries though, that’s where we come in!

Take our word for it, there are several concepts to consider when publishing a newsletter. Let us walk you through a few of them:

Email is Everywhere: If someone has steady access to the internet, then they most likely have an email address. (Which is especially true for businesses!) This makes your reach virtually limitless.

Frequency is Key: Newsletters (when done correctly) build rapport with your readership. Readers don’t want their inboxes flooded with ten emails a week, but if you do less than two or three a month, they might forget about you. The trick is to find a healthy distribution rate and stick to it.

Mobile Responsiveness: Studies show that the majority of your clients will read your newsletter on their smartphone or tablet (54% to be exact), so it’s crucial that your messages are responsive to every device. If your text is jumbled and images won’t load properly because they’re the wrong size, this will send the wrong message to your audience and they’re likely to unsubscribe.

Design Matters: Let’s be honest… no one wants to read an ugly newsletter. Organization and originality are the bread and butter of great newsletters! Keeping font sizes consistent, choosing the right color schemes, and producing fresh content contributes to your brand and will keep your readers interested.

Don’t Forget to Analyze: How will you know if your campaign is performing? Analyzing and understanding your open, click, bounce, and unsubscribe rates can help you to better your campaign and boost readership.

That’s a lot to consider and it’s just barely scraping the surface! We have good news though, Bulldog Internet Marketing offers an array of email marketing services that can save you time and money. We would be happy to assist you in determining which services best fit your business. Contact us to get started!

We have posted a few examples of our own newsletters below.

Bulldog Internet Marketing Newsletter
Bulldog Internet Marketing Newsletter