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Greg & Kathy Austin - Homer, Georgia Fall Festival

Greg & Kathy Austin

We are a custom website development & internet marketing firm with a diverse team of dedicated web designers, developers, programmers and internet marketing experts. Our office is located in Stephens County in the beautiful North Georiga Mountains and our teams are comprised of experts in the fields of custom website design, custom programming, logo design, brand strategy, internet marketing, search engine optimization, business, philosophy, psychology, and political science.

Simply put, we build and completely manage high-performance websites & social media accounts. We become a part of your company.

That’s what we do!


Kathy Austin - Toccoa, Georgia Web Design Company

Kathy Austin


Kathy is a Wife, Mother, Grandmother and CEO of Bulldog Internet Marketing. Kathy was born and raised in Toccoa, Georgia and now resides in Martin, Georgia. She earned a B.S. in Organizational Management and an M.B.A. in Organizational Leadership from Wilmington University in Delaware, where she met her husband, Greg.

Kathy is the CEO, which means she’s tasked with making sure that everything gets done. Kathy works directly with the management team to maintain our stature as High-Performance Internet Marketing Experts. She has 25 years of experience in the Healthcare Industry, 7 years in Secondary Education as an educator and administrator, and 14 years in Information Technology.

Greg Austin - Toccoa, Georgia Web Developer

Greg Austin


Greg is a husband, father, and CTO of Bulldog Internet Marketing. Greg was born in Pennsylvania and raised in Delaware and California, and now resides in Martin, Georgia. He earned a B.S. in Organizational Management from Wilmington University.

Greg has been at the forefront of Website Development, Programming, Digital Design & Search Engine Optimization (SEO) since the terms were invented. You will not find many people in the country with the passion for SEO and the website development experience that Greg has. He can talk about web design and SEO with the best experts in the world. It’s what he does. Greg is a visionary leader who likes to throw ego out the window and have practical conversations, with a keen focus on the details that truly matter. Greg eats, sleeps and breaths the web…except when he’s fishing on Lake Hartwell.

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